Curriculum Vitae

Jacqueline R. Wyatt

To provide scientific editorial services, ranging from polishing to extensive re-writing particularly in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and chemistry. To provide consulting services in the areas of bioinformatics and oligonucleotide chemistry and biochemistry.

Ph.D. Biophysical Chemistry. University of California, Berkeley. January, 1990.
B.S. Chemistry (English minor); B.S. Secondary Education. University of Wyoming. May, 1984. Graduated highest honors, Phi Beta Kappa.

Professional and Research Experience:
August 2000-present. Consultant for several oligonucleotide-based biotechnology companies. Free-lance scientific editor and writer. 


February 2002-September 2002. Cooley-Godward, LLP, San Diego, CA. Researcher, Biotechnology patent infringement case.

January 1992-August 2000. ISIS Pharmaceuticals. Carlsbad, CA. 
    1998 Associate Director, Structural Biology.
    1996 Associate Director, Ibis Program.
    1994 Assistant Director.
    1992 Senior Scientist.

January 1990-January 1992. Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University, New Haven, CT.
    Professor Joan A. Steitz, mentor.

September 1985-January 1990. Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley.
    Professor Ignacio Tinoco, Jr., advisor.         

September 1984-August 1985. Scientist, Analytical Research, Dorsey Laboratories, Sandoz, Inc. Lincoln, NE.

May 1981-August 1984. Undergraduate Research (1981, NSF Fellow; 1984, Kuehn Fellow), University of Wyoming.

    Professor David A. Jaeger, advisor. 


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Letters of Reference Available on Request